Greta Van Fleet Fights Revealed: ‘There Was Throwing Of Fists’


In a new Forbes interview, Josh Kiszka discussed past band fight, but how the brothers are avoiding ending up like Oasis.

Josh said that the band tries to keep in mind that they are writing their own story, rather than the cautionary tales of those who came before them or some dramatic script. That being said, he admits they do try to learn lessons from history. Overall they just try to “keep playing and creating and writing. There is a genuine spirit and energy that we would like to keep flowing.”

Having pursued a career in music for some half decade and known each other all or most of our their lives has led to getting lots of confrontation out of the way, according to Jake. Early on there were broken doors, projectile instruments, and throwing of fists, but since they expanded their footprint and started traveling the world, they have come to have each other’s backs and rely on one another.

Beyond being family, they are a team, according to Sam. “The reason we are able to face things that are so big and scary is that we are together, we are a unit and we have nothing to be afraid of if we approach things together. Maybe, down the road, we will all be assholes to each other, but we will see.”