Greta Van Fleet Reveal What They Really Think About Dave Grohl


Greta Van Fleet discussed Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl in a recent Billboard interview. They also discussed Bob Seger and Stevie Wonder.

“We grew up listening to so much Bob Seger. Always on the radio, you cannot believe how much Bob Seger they play in Michigan,” Josh Kiszka said.

So what Seger song would they do? Between the four of them they shout out “Turn The Page” and “Against The Wind.”

Seger, a Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer, is on his farewell tour, so bringing him onto the Grammys to perform with Greta Van Fleet would be a way for the Grammys to show some on-air love to both rock and Seger.

Unlike Seger’s ‘70s heyday when rock bands like Kiss, the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac ruled both pop radio and filled arenas, Greta Van Fleet is among only a handful of rock bands enjoying mainstream radio success. And those being nominated for a Grammy alongside Dua Lipa and sharing a stage with Bad Religion might be a category of one in 2018.

“We’re so humbled by the fact we have those opportunities that not many other people have,” Josh Kiszka said.

So who do the members of Greta Van Fleet look to as examples for how to navigate both scenes comfortably? “Those are the pinnacle bands that can do that, especially the Eagles. There are other rock bands that have the appeal, like the Foo Fighters,” Josh Kiszka said.

“Speaking of Cal Jam, that’s what I was thinking too. They’re always themselves,” Sam Kiszka said admiringly of the Foo Fighters.