Greta Van Fleet Spotted With Hot Singer On Tour Bus


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner have shared a new tour bus photo with Chris Turpin from Ida Mae. Ida Mae commented, “Ahh We miss Y’all ❤️”

Sam Kiszka and Danny Wagner discussed the success of Black Smoke Rising in a Bullet Music interview.

Coming off the heels of the release of your debut EP, Black Smoke Rising, what has the overall experience been like for you guys since it came out?

Sam: It’s been fascinating. It’s been crazy.

Danny: I mean just based off some of the statistics, the numbers are rapidly growing. The numbers don’t lie! *laughs*

Sam: Yeah, no it’s really great because the attention we’re getting is ridiculous, honestly.

Danny: Compared to a lot of contemporary acts coming through in the last couple years.

Sam: But I think we’re starting up something different from I think what most people are used to for the past twenty or thirty years

Danny: Oh that’s part of it, definitely.

Sam: But there’s definitely great music out there that I think doesn’t get enough attention.

Danny: I’m humbled that we are getting it.

Sam: You just have to find the right stuff. It’s great that we’re able to sustain all the sold out shows, so that’s great, and overall it’s all been moving really fast.

That’s crazy. Your first experience and it’s just sold out show after sold out show, that must be awesome.

Sam: Yeah, we just got out of high school and then we hit a bunch of festivals and we opened for The Struts for five dates and then Shinedown for two or three dates, too. It’s been wild.