Greta Van Fleet Surprising Cash Grab Revealed By Singer


Greta Van Fleet singer Josh Kiszka called many PG-13 movies ‘big piles of shit’ in a Amps and Green Screens interview.

Amps: As a film nut, would you agree that PG-13 by and large has dumbed down the movies of today, especially in the horror genre?

Josh: Yeah, I think as an artist it’s easy to say that here shouldn’t be as many restrictions or boundaries to making art. And I think if it’s made with real clairvoyance of vision that the intent behind the piece is better off. Violence is a big part of our culture, and to watch it is better than to go out and commit violent acts.

Amps: If certain movies were maybe 20-30 minutes longer and a little darker, they’d be better. Instead they want to dumb it down, wrap it up in 90 minutes, and get that teenage dollar in the theater for the sake of a potential #1 opening weekend and that’s all.

Josh: I think in a way PG-13 has hurt a lot of what could have been much better films. And the productions have become big piles of shit. They’re working some formula to get people in the door and not challenging anything. And that’s the whole point of the fucking medium, to challenge people!