Guns N’ Roses Accused Of Milking Fans For Money In Email


GNRCentral reported the following recently:

Guns N’ Roses Selling Individual Photos for Over $300!

ZigZagBigBag from the MYGNRFORUM’s started a thread earlier this week about an email he got from Guns N’ Roses/Universal Music in Germany. Since he bought the $1000.00 Locked and Loaded Appetite for Destruction Reissue, he was offered an exclusive discount on Guns N’ Roses Photos by Ross Halfin. His original post reads as is.

Well, today I received an email in german by GNR/UMG which reads something like:

“Hi ____, you bought the L&L box and thereby prooved that you are one of the biggest GNR fans worldwide. As a thank you ….” (at this stage I was like ?) “we are happy to give you a preorder-possibility and a discount of 15% to one of 50 exclusive band photo prints of Ross Halfin”

I then clicked the button to the webshop and have to learn that these guys seriously charge EUR 260 for one picture … this means a photo print!