Guns N’ Roses Ban News Outlet After They Criticized Axl Rose’s Weight


Writer Bernard Zuel is claiming that Guns N’ Roses cut short Fairfax Media’s coverage of the band’s Australian tour. Fairfax Media own the Sydney Morning Herald, which stated the following in a review of GNR’s Brisbane concert.

Sure, Axl Rose has gained a few around the waist, lost a bit from the lungs, apparently owns more hats than the Queen (at least three just tonight), wears a flanno around his waist because reasons and feels the need to change shirts no less than seven times throughout the show.

Yes, he’s about as unlikeable of a front man as you could hope for. But he was kind of a pest 20 years ago as well and hell, it suits him.

They also wrote:

Even a disembodied Axl floating through stormy clouds in a backwards red baseball cap with fake water falling on the big screens can’t ruin November Rain.

Later the article created a fake Axl Rose and Slash conversation.

Axl: Hey Slash, you’re going to have to play a bunch of the shit songs I wrote for Chinese Democracy.

Slash: No.

Axl: Nah, you are but.

Slash: Fine, but I get at least one extended face-melting session for every time you make me play trash.

Guess it’s time for Fairfax Media to get in the ring?