Guns N’ Roses’ Gilby Clarke Reveals What Was ‘Odd’ About Playing With Slash


Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke discussed playing with Slash in the band in the 90’s in a new LA Weekly article. Clarke was in Guns N’ Roses from 1991 to 1994.

“Slash and I seemed to play well together,” says Gilby Clarke, who joined GNR in time for the Use Your Illusion tour, replacing Izzy Stradlin. “The only thing I found odd was that we were both Les Paul, Marshall guys. Sometimes when we would hit a big money chord onstage, I couldn’t tell who did it.

When I switched to Vox AC30 amps, I think it helped me define my sound within the band. We carried that on to Slash’s Snakepit and my solo record following the GNR tour. Years later, in the YouTube era, I found our ‘Wild Horses’ solo bit from the Live in Tokyo videos. I think that says it all of how we played together. I don’t remember ever rehearsing that. I’m pretty sure we went out one night and just jammed it.”

During a March 2016 interview with “The Rock Show” on Star Radio with Neil Jones, fGilby Clarke talked Guns N’ Roses reunion featuring Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan.

“You know, I’m probably just as curious as everybody else is. It’s gonna be interesting to see Slash and Axl back together after all these years. I mean, I have certainly seen Slash many times; I’ve seen his solo band, I’ve seen Velvet Revolver. So it’s gonna be interesting to see, after that big hiatus, what comes together from this. I’m just like a fan; I’m curious too.”

Asked how the members of Guns N’ Roses dealt with Axl’s stage tardiness while Clarke was in the band, the guitarist said: “Well, you know, back then, we drank a lot, and we got drunk a lot. I mean, that’s the thing — we didn’t know whether it was gonna be five minutes late or three hours late. It’s just one of those things that… it came with the territory. We’ve all got our pluses and minuses with our jobs. The waiting was a minus.”