Guns N’ Roses Manager Unloads On ‘Clueless’ Fans


Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis discusses his issues with some ‘clueless’ GNR fans in a series of tweets on Thursday.

“Did some light reading on some forums today, funny how some of you are so clueless, yet speak from a standpoint of assumption and spread the trash you call ‘your opinion’ as fact in your little community.”

A fan named Tom tweeted Fernando, “That’s what happens when there’s no real information to go by, people speculate and gossip. This is a problem you (anyone currently involved in high level decisions for the band) created, so stop complaining about it.”

Fernando responded, “#clueless.”

“I am sorry if I gave the impression I am hurt, couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Tom then tweeted back to Fernando, “You’re the one butt hurt about something and all vague about it not me.”

Fernando responded, “Why not just take what I said and apply it to your ‘thinking’ of what happens inside this world you follow versus acting like you know more than the rest of us? I am all for smiles and happiness, unlike some…”

A fan named Vale tweeted him, “Why don’t you start enlighting the community then? Oh right, there is no profit in it ??‍♂️.”

Fernando responded, “No clue what you are going on about, tsk tsk… yet another ‘fact’ on one of the many topics you know zero about. Smh.”

A fan named Phelipe tweeted Fernando, “How can you blame them?”

Fernando responded, “Blame? How so? #bro you speak in ‘opinions and assumptions’ and I in facts.”

“How am I arguing with you my man? I gave you my opinion which is based in actual knowledge on things being discussed and pointed out a flaw on the thinking of others on the same subject. My bad.”