Guns N’ Roses Member ‘Bitter’ With Axl Rose For Mysterious Reason


Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Melissa Reese mentioned in a new Instagram post that there is a funny reason she’s ‘bitter’ at Axl Rose, despite loving him. We’d love to hear the story!

“V excited to have a feature article on me in the new issue of @peopleasia magazine @people that just dropped!!! This one you’ll need a physical copy of ;). As I’ve said before, I am sf humbled, grateful, and still just totally tweaked that people want to hear / tell parts of my story and journey. All I can do is say thank you. *T*h*A*n*K* *Y*o*U*. THANK YOU!!!!!! To #superhero @sarasoliven, and the most supportive big sister @stizzr…. To #teamcousins (@atticusking @jptv88 @miks696 @angiemeadking and ur sig othz lol), and OF COURSE *everyone* who has made this possible and been a part of my journey – the *entire* @gunsnroses family whom I love very much – there are no amt of “thank you”s that will ever suffice… (I must, and will always give thanks first and foremost to Axl (tho I’m still bitter – u knw wht I’m talking abt ? lol), @betalebeis, #caramcostanzo, and Brain for believing in me from the jump and to @flebeis #pants for seeing the future).

To each of my band mates whom I completely adore, am in awe of show after show, and deeply respect – and who accepted me with love and openness as a musician and as a person into this amazing family ❤️. To my loved ones, BFFs and everyone whom I work with (both in #GnR and in my career as a composer and producer) – THANK YOU!!! #peopleasia #magazine #peoplemagazine #feature #asia #hapagirl #gratitude #humbled #gunsnroses #bodiedmovie #love #surreal #dreams #music #producer #article #philippines #composer #happiness.”