Guns N’ Roses Member Spent Shocking Amount Of Money On Drugs


Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler’s mother Deanna revealed how much money her son used to spend on drugs in a new Wall Street Journal interview. Alternative Nation transcribed her comments.

“The accountants gave me all his files because he was running out of money because of the drugs, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs he was buying every year. So the accountants called me up and said, ‘You’ll have to take over because he doesn’t have the money anymore to pay us.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ So I go to the office, I pick up the files, and I’m just looking through the files, and I see all these prescriptions from the pharmacist.

Thousands and thousands, but you know what got me, I see a prescription from this pharmacist, I forgot the name of the prescription right off hand, but it was 96 dollars. Then the next week I see another bill for the same prescription, and it was a couple hundred dollars. Then the third week I see the same prescription for over a thousand dollars. So I said, ‘What is going on here?’

So I called up the pharmacist and I said to him, ‘I don’t understand, why one week you charge one thing, and three weeks later you charge four times as much, five times as much, why?’ You know how he answered me? He said, ‘Mrs. Adler, I make up these prescriptions, and I can charge anything I want.’ I said, ‘Do yourself a favor. Don’t send another bill to us, because you’ll never get the money.'”

She also discussed his current status with Guns N’ Roses, “I don’t know anything about that to be honest with you, but he enjoyed being with them on the tour.”

You can watch the full interview with Deanna Adler below.