Guns N’ Roses React To Fans Demanding Reunion With Izzy Stradlin & Steven Adler


Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis discussed Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler not being part of the band’s current lineup in new posts on MyGNRForum:

Padme said:

Many of us would like to see the AFD line up together on the stage.

Fernando said:

I would like a lot of things, however I know what it’s within my responsibility, in order to achieve such want.

It’s not fair or just to say the things said (here and there) because the band doesn’t consist of members you feel better suited, I think that’s up to the guys in the band, no?

KURT19 said:

Does Axl know how important it is to us diehards to see the AFD5 back onstage together again?

Fernando said:

So the importance of one outweighs the importance of another? Just trying to understand.

Jeez said:

@Fernando, is the story about Izzy joining rehearsals/soundcheck at some point during NITL true or false?

Fernando said:

I am not going to comment on my friend Izzy, I love and adore him. So I would just ignore questions pertaining to him, ok?

Hejanne said:

I love the lithos. But will anything be done to keep the scalpers from buy them all? I’ve heard so many stories of fans waiting in line for hours, not being able to get their hands in a single litho because of scalpers not even going to the show.

And how’s Axl doing?

Fernando said:

We limited the quantity one person can purchase. I wasn’t made aware of the issue until the MSG shows.

Lim666 said:

Regarding the ultimate kick-ass AFD box with old demos….are there any plans for releasing (pre-)AFD related live videos? Marc Canter is a good guy!!

Fernando said:

We can agree to disagree.

TheSeeker said:

For those not keeping track – Fernando took the time to rate a few of my comments with “laughy” faces and then immediately left the thread

He won’t be laughing much longer.

Fernando said:

Your material continues to be stale my man.

I tried to log in many times yesterday and it was an issue that Downs was trying to assist me with, but it got too late. Which then created another whirlwind of assumptions.

Some of the persons here understood my tweet, the rest didn’t and it kind of sucks. I did not tweet to start a war, but to solely raise concern.

Coming to a forum or answering questions etc, just doesn’t work because me typing in a forum becomes news and shines a different light on the band and sets too many ways for the band to “fail” in the eyes of the unknown persons in the world that doesn’t truly understand our little world. I respect the die hard fan(s), they are the first to arrive and last to leave. I sympathize and help at every turn to every fan, the dedicated 24/7 fan to the fan that came to see GNR for the first time.

(let’s see how many people take me saying “I respect…” as ammunition to paint me out to be a person of narcissistic tendencies.)

I still miss that one guy that got banned.

D.. said:

Hi Fernando, if you’re here for a little Q/A session, my question is very simple: I missed the Paris show last year, but I’m attending the one next month. Would it please be possible to sell the exact same exclusive T-Shirt that was on sale last year for this show? I would buy a few just to wear for the upcoming 10 years (no joke). I really dig this design. Thanks in advance for your answer ; )

Also, if you released blu-rays with UYI shows with the same quality as the one which recently surfaced, I’d buy them in an instant. It can’t be too hard to make this happen, right?

Fernando said:

I could possibly have one made for you. Our new tour line is pretty fucking sick. Sorry I get super psyched about our clothing lines, fun fact; did you know I overlook the entire design team and the direction on anything and everything we do?