Guns N’ Roses Reveal If Unreleased Use Your Illusion & Chinese Democracy Material Is Coming


Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis discussed the possibility of Use Your Illusion and Chinese Democracy reissues in a new Q&A on MyGNRForum.

T-Minus said:

In all seriousness though…

Don’ take anything to heart that you read here. There is always something for us mere mortals here to disagree with and argue about. The band are active and despite who is there or isn’t there we should at least be grateful that DJ Ashba has gone.

Fernando said:

It’s not taking it to heart, it’s just such a downer to read such hatred directed at people I know, love and respect; based on misinformation. It isn’t right and as you say, we are a tight community that loves the band, then we should remain strong together and fix issues with creativity and productivity versus name calling and tossing shit everywhere. shit’s not cool! haha

SoulMonster said:

@Fernando I have a question: Has the band/management discussed releasing a similar box/package of previously unreleased music for the UYIs or CD as you are now doing for AFD?

Fernando said:


The guys feel really happy with how the box was put together and everything that is included within it, will that open other opportunities for the guys to release more stuff? I don’t know, but it’s always a possibility.

Below is the latest Appetite for Distortion Guns N’ Roses fan podcast!

Jetboy and Guns N’ Roses were playing gigs together before each band even officially had their famous names. Jetboy guitarist Billy Rowe was there and is our guest on episode 64…

Before Billy, we speak with this episode’s co-host, journalist Matt Wake. Brando and Matt discuss the recent comments made by GNR’s manager Fernando and their thoughts on the new Adler’s Appetite shows.

The guys then welcome in Billy Rowe who shared his beginnings in a San Francisco-based rock band in the early 80s and his relationship with Izzy Stradlin and Bill (aka Axl Rose). He then opens up about Todd Crew, his former band mate and friend of GNR, who died in Slash’s arms of an OD in 1987. That’s where the Jetboy/GNR relationship changed forever. What are his feelings all these years later? Would he want to play a show with GNR again? His answers might surprise you.

Billy also tell us about Jetboy’s first album in 30 years (!) and what the future might hold. All this and much more!

Listen to “Ep. 64 – Billy Rowe, Jetboy” on Spreaker.