Guns N’ Roses Reveal If Tour Will Be Canceled Due To Axl Rose Sickness


Guns N’ Roses manager Fernando Lebeis has confirmed that despite Axl Rose’s illness forcing GNR to end their show in Abu Dhabi early, the band will continue the final leg of the Not In This Lifetime tour. The tour will end in Honolulu, Hawaii next month after two and a half years. Lebeis also ripped fans and some Abu Dhabi media outlets for criticizing Rose for having to end the show early, despite Slash and Duff McKagan describing has being ‘beyond’ and ‘severely’ ill.

Lebeis has tweeted, “Landed in Johannesburg, what a crazy 12hrs. It’s strange to think a 2hour set is considered a ‘short’ set. Love the people we have sharing the stage, coming up to help and protect one of their own.”

“Just spoke with @axlrose and we are all looking forward to our show here in Johannesburg! It was a nice flight over, where band and crew arrived safely. Thanks for the messages of love! @gunsnroses stronger than ever.”

TheNational.AE reported, “To give Rose credit, he did explain mid-set that he had been vomiting for much of the afternoon, and spent several hours on a drip prior to the gig so as not to cancel, which is commendable; certainly a world away from the diva-ish behaviour that used to characterise his several-hours-late appearances.

If the singer was ill, then respect is due for his appearance at all, but perhaps the band could have factored this into their set list? They essentially seemed to play as much as Rose could get through of the set list from previous gigs on the tour, in much the same order, stopping when Rose had enough.

Much like their 1991 double album Use Your Illusion, which some noted could have been one really good album but was instead two long albums, some prioritising could have helped.

In fairness, the band played for close to two hours, which lesser bands would never achieve, especially with a sick singer, but there was no encore, and thus no Paradise City, no Night Train, no Live and Let Die (a rare occasion where a cover improves on the original). In short, the gig began well with a bang, but ended, quite simply, underwhelmingly.”