Guns N’ Roses ‘Several’ New Songs Revealed


Guns N’ Roses longtime production manager Tom Mayhue recently confirmed that a new single from the band is coming soon.

Mayhue discussed the Axl Rose-fronted outfit’s future plans while speaking to the media ahead of Guns N’ Roses’ July 13 concert in Paris, France. Noting that GN’R will finish the North American leg of its tour in mid-October, he added:

“And I know that the band’s gonna start working on new music. They’ve got a bunch of stuff recorded already. So there will be new Guns N’ Roses music very soon. In fact, I think they’re trying to get a single out any day now, so you may hear something very, very soon.”

Regarding what the new Guns N’ Roses material sounds like, Mayhue said: “It sounds great. It’s a lot more kind of ‘Appetite [For Destruction]’-orientated. They had a lot of songs. When the band went in originally and recorded ‘Appetite For Destruction’, I think they recorded, like, 29 songs. So there’s a bunch of other music that was left over that didn’t make the first record. I think there’s only 11 songs on the first record.”

It has been noted that last month, Oslo’s Urban Sound Studios shared a new photo of Rose and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, apparently taken the day after the band’s performance at the Tons Of Rock festival in Norway’s capital city.

On June 22, the picture was posted on the Urban Sound Studios Instagram account along with the following message: “We got to hang out with these 2 rock legends in the studio today. Really cool guys! (The two in the middle…). The band wanted a nice studio with a variety of speakers and headphones to listen to new mixes before they head for Glastonbury. It sounds awesome!”