Guns N’ Roses Leaving Steven Adler & Izzy Stradlin Out Of Reunion ‘For The Money’


Former Guns N’ Roses manager Alan Niven has revealed the rumored payday for Guns N’ Roses’ four upcoming North American reunion shows at the Coachella Festival and in Las Vegas next month. He also said that the Guns N’ Roses reunion isn’t legitimate without Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler. Niven told the New Rock Times, “Unfortunately, all things considered, I can only assume that its only for the money. How else to explain the lack of statements about creativity, or even who the band is? “How else to explain a ticket price of $1250 for row H.”

“For that matter, without Izzy and Steven can it be called a Guns n Roses re-union?,” he asks.

“Without them it’s really just Velvet Roses. Why aren’t those two included? Maybe there is not enough money to go around – after all, rumour has it that AEG are only paying $26,000,000 for two Coachella shows and two shows in Vegas.”

Niven believes it is a ‘financial decision’ to leave Stradlin and Adler out of the reunion.