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Gwen Stefani Sadly Rejected Britney Spears


Pink recently revealed this week that she and Gwen Stefani were invited by Madonna to be part of her infamous onstage kiss with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV Video Movie Awards. During the awards show, Madonna first kissed Spears, then Aguilera in the middle of a performance of “Hollywood” to cheers from the VMAs audience.

“I think we all were [invited],” Pink told New York radio station KTU 103.5 while promoting her new album “Trustfall” on Wednesday after being asked about it by an interviewer. “I think Madonna wanted to kiss all of us,” she said, adding that she remembered Gwen Stefani was asked to join as well. “It was a bunch of us.”  

“It was going to be a party. It would’ve been a really weird party,” she joked.

The “Just Give Me a Reason” singer said she was in Costa Rica at the time with her now-husband Carey Hart, but didn’t say if she would have opted-in for the kissing stunt if she had been in Los Angeles.

Pink’s comments came a month after Jennifer Lopez said she was also asked to be part of the kiss:

“I was filming a movie in Canada, and we had met…me, her and Britney…to do it at her home, and then I just couldn’t get off the film…so, we couldn’t do it,” Lopez told E! News while promoting her movie “Shotgun Wedding” in January.

“I love Madonna. I’m a huge fan, I always have been,” she added. She claimed that Aguilera took her place in the performance.