Harry Styles Disgusting Drinking Video Leaks


Harry Styles, The young man who has been here there everywhere and everywhere else and had Skittles thrown at him recently, is now embarking upon a Australian adventure. No, he is not starring in the remake of Australia, nor is he attempting to reboot the long-running Aussie soap opera, Neighbors. He is, however, beginning his new tour and has two very Aussie additions accompanying his act.

As per News.Com.Au, Pop star Harry Styles, who is now 29 years of age, has kicked off his Australian stadium tour in Perth overnight with that most unhygienic of Aussie customs – the shoey. What on earth is the shoey you may wonder.

It appears Styles has also made a new addition to his setlist for the Australian leg of the tour, adding one of this country’s most enduring songs to his encore.

Footage from last night’s show at Perth’s HBF Park shows the former One Direction star guzzling liquid out of his own shoe, as fans cheered him on.

This is one of the most disgusting traditions I’ve ever…” Styles told the crowd before he drank from the shoe. That is utterly disgusting. Disgusting! 

Requests for a visiting international artist to do a “shoey” have become a regular fixture of Australian concerts in recent years, with some artists obliging – and others refusing.

Post Malone was the latest big star to do a shoey onstage, also at a Perth concert earlier this month.

Country-pop star Kacey Musgraves memorably told a Sydney audience during her 2019 tour that she would not be heeding their demands: “That’s disgusting. I’m not f**king drinking out of your shoe,” she told them.