Hotel Allegedly Refused Requests From Chris Cornell’s Wife


Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis made a comment on Instagram in response to a fan where she alleged that the hotel told Vicky Cornell they ‘can’t disturb the client’ and kept hanging up on her on the night of Chris Cornell’s death when Martin Kirsten was trying to get into the room to save Chris.

Below is an excerpt of the comment. Note that this comment is from at least a few days ago, and Karayiannis has been silent on social media in the last couple of days since she deactivated her Twitter account.

“questions why no one would say something do something so many around! He was not depressed! He took something to make him do what he did ! But no one would see and offer help since everyone knew his addiction? Yes he stopped ,cleaned up but an addiction is always an addiction! When u clean also it doesn’t take much to go back to where u left it!

Everyone says that from AA ! Then why ppl didn’t run didn’t see even though everyone says he was not acting normal! For the life of me I can never understand why? So many whys? And so out of character to get to that point! Why not overdose like all of life?

Something made him paranoia something he took ! Or just those pills they say found in a clean addict was enough to bring him to a stage out of control! I sleep and wake up w whys! Why not run faster the hotel why keep hanging up on vicky we can’t disturb the client while she was screaming.”