How Chris Cornell Helped Brad Pitt Is Beautiful

156 has a new article up about Chris Cornell and Brad Pitt’s friendship.

“Brad and Chris were almost like brothers,” a friend of the actor told

“Brad’s taking his loss very hard, like it’s a death in the family,” said the pal.

Pitt, 53, and Chris were photographed together with their daughters during a party at American Girl Place in The Grove in Los Angeles.

“I’m a big Chris Cornell addict, anything he does,” Pitt once declared. “I’ll follow him anywhere!”

“Brad trusted Chris on every level,” spilled the World War Z star’s pal.

“It was a friendship that was honest, loyal and sparked by a mutual understanding.”

“When Brad came to terms with his demons, Chris was right there for him. He helped Brad live a happy, sober life ,” continued the friend.

“Some say Chris was his Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor because Chris spoke to him on the phone daily and gave him an AA book.”

“Chris was part of Brad’s support group and now he is gone,” said the source. “Brad is devastated!”