Howard Stern Doesn’t Want Guns N’ Roses To Play Chinese Democracy, Talks Band’s Payday


Howard Stern, Robin Quivers, and Gary ‘Baba Booey’ Dell’Abate recently discussed Guns N’ Roses on The Howard Stern Show. recapped the discussion:

“Howard took a call from a guy who asked if he went to see Guns N’ Roses this weekend. Howard said he didn’t but he heard there were like 80,000 people there. Gary said that was on night one. He said they played two nights. Howard said they could have been making this money all those years they were broken up. Howard asked what the take is on a night like that. Gary didn’t know what the ticket prices were but he figured maybe between 100 and 200. Howard said that’s too much math for him. He said it might be like a billion dollars. Howard and Robin went through it and figured out how much money it actually was. The caller said it was $16 million.

Gary said they say that the band was going to get about $3 million per show. Howard asked how they sound. Gary said they sounded great. He said Axl sounds great but he’s still kind of chubby. Gary said every stripper from the tri-state area was at the show. He said a bunch of chicks were getting arrested for solicitation. The caller said like 30 people were arrested on Saturday night. Howard said he can’t believe they weren’t making this money all those years they were broken up. Robin said it’s not about the money. Howard said the Stones hate each other and they keep going. Howard said you can stomach anyone for $3 million.

Gary said he went to the show with a guy named John Harris. Howard said he works for like Sara Lee or something. Gary said it’s another company. He said he went back stage and got to hang out with Duff. Howard said he heard he was complaining about that. Gary said that’s not even a little true on any level. Howard asked who heard that. Gary said he was happy to just be invited. He said that’s a complete lie. Howard asked if he met with Duff. Gary said he did. He said he talked to them for like 10 minutes. He asked what he was up to and he remembers coming on the show. Howard asked why he didn’t meet with Slash. Gary said he did. He said Slash said to say hello to Howard. Howard asked why he didn’t say hello for him. Gary said he forgot.

Howard asked if he saw Axl. Gary said no. He said they performed for two and a half hours and they came out on time. He said that Lenny Kravitz opened up for them. The Lump called in and said that Gary was complaining on Friday and how he had back stage access but it wasn’t as good as he wanted. Gary said that’s just not true.

Howard asked what songs they performed. Gary said you name it they did it. He said they probably did 7 or 8 songs out of 10 from their albums. He said they did play Chinese Democracy. Gary said even Duff got to sing a song. He wasn’t sure what the song was. Howard said he’d love to see them. Howard said he doesn’t want to hear the Chinese Democracy stuff though. Gary said it was just one of those songs.

Howard asked who is better, Eddie Van Halen or Slash. Gary said he thinks Eddie is a little better but they’re both amazing. Howard said he’s glad he got to see Duff and Slash. Gary said it was a great show. Howard said there’s a report from Gary. Robin said she saw that Gary was on stage with the Beach Boys while they were on vacation too. Howard said he doesn’t get to see that on Facebook. Robin said he was doing something with them. Howard said that bothers him so much and he’s not sure why. Howard said he’s not sure what work he’s doing. Robin said he’s spending 3 hours doing that stuff. Gary said he did Barbara Ann with the Beach Boys.

Howard said he was probably home worrying about the show listening to High Pitch Erik tapes. Howard said that he was working while Gary was doing this stuff. Howard played a song parody about Gary to the tune of a Guns N’ Roses song.

Howard said he sat at home obsessing over the show while Gary was out at those shows. Howard said he had meetings and things too. He said Gary is taking time off to recuperate. Howard played another Baba Booey song parody. Howard did his impression of Gary and talked about how he loves to be entertained.”

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