Howard Stern Employee Getting High With Ozzy Osbourne Caught On Video


Former The Howard Stern Show employee Stuttering John Melendez discussed filming himself getting high on marijuana with legendary Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne in a new interview with Greg Prato on Songfacts. Melendez recently released a book called Easy For You To Say.

“I tell two funny stories about Ozzy. Opening for him was awesome. And we were backstage with Ozzy, all smoking weed, and I’m videotaping everything. And then like, a week after the gig, I bring my friends over to watch the video. We turn it on, and it’s my kid on a swing – my wife taped over the whole fucking video!

The other thing is, after my band was done and Ozzy was on stage, I went onto the rafters to watch him from above. There was a black curtain, so I decided to pull away the curtain. I did, and it’s this guy with a microphone, singing all of Ozzy’s lyrics! He’s like, “Close that curtain!” It was like The Wizard of Oz.

It’s sad, but look, Ozzy’s up there in years, so he needed someone to sing, because he probably can’t do it anymore. But Ozzy was a great guy. [This isn’t the first time that someone has alleged that Ozzy utilizes another singer in concert – Robert Mason once spilled the beans to Eddie Trunk.]”