Howard Stern Reveals If He Really Hates Pearl Jam


Howard Stern and Robin Quivers recently revealed that they enjoy Pearl Jam Radio on SiriusXM. recapped: After the break Howard came right back and told Fred to play a song for Robin’s news. Fred played a song parody about Robin to get her into the news. Howard said he loves when Robin is included in the song. Robin said that’s happening a lot lately. Howard asked how many songs there are about Robin now. He said there must be thousands. Howard asked Gary to figure that out. Gary said they’re trying to get a number. He said they’ll have it soon. Howard said they could start another channel with the songs.

Howard said he listens to Lithium, Coffee House and Ozzy’s Boneyard. Robin said she listens to Lithium too. She said that seems to be her favorite right now. Robin said she likes the Beatles channel and Ozzy’s Boneyard too. Howard said he listens to Alt Nation and the Tom Petty station too. Robin said she listens to the Pearl Jam channel and some of those others. She said she’s not happy with Coffee House now.

Stern had said previously according to Howard started off the show interrupting ”Hash Pipe” as it was still playing. He said they got a lot of mail yesterday about his musical tastes. He said he commented on the Pearl Jam remake of The Who’s ”Baba O’Reilly” and he usually likes remakes of songs. He said he’s a huge Pearl Jam fan but people thought he wasn’t a fan. He said that people also wrote in and told him about how they like Justin Timberlake as well.

Howard read through some of the mail he got about what he said about Pearl Jam. He said he loves their song ”Glorified G” and some of their other stuff.