Huge Chris Cornell Book Announced For 2020


A new Chris Cornell book titled TOTAL F@&KING GODHEAD: The Biography Of Chris Cornell will be released in 2020 by Rolling Stone and Billboard writer Corbin Reiff. He announced the news in a series of tweets.

??Huge Personal Announcement Coming Shortly??

(This isn’t one of those joke announcements either like, “I’m having tacos for lunch” or something)

I’ve spent the last year conducting interviews and doing research and can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to kick the tires on this

Shoutout to everyone who’s been so supportive and helpful (@markyarm is the truth!) and now back to listening to @soundgarden @Audioslave @templeofthedog and @chriscornell on an endless loop

I’m beyond stoked to reveal that I recently finalized the deal to write my next book, a biography of Chris Cornell titled TOTAL F@&KING GODHEAD!

Had a great chat with Dawn Anderson today, the first person to ever review Soundgarden’s music. Here’s her write-up of the DEEP SIX compilation in the Seattle paper The Rocket in 1986.

Spending the day transcribing stories Jack Endino told me about the recording of Soundgarden’s debut SCREAMING LIFE.

Reiff mentioned speaking to Mark Yarm, the author of Everyone Loves Our Town: An Oral History of Grunge. Soundgarden producer Jack Endino has been interviewed. It is unclear is Cornell’s family and Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog bandmates are involved, and if Reiff will get the type of cooperation a biography like Charles R. Cross’ Kurt Cobain book Heavier Than Heaven got from people close to Nirvana.

You can view the Twitter announcement below.