Iconic 90’s Rock Singer Thought Kurt Cobain’s Songs Were Meaningless


Rivers Cuomo discussed writing Weezer’s new album Pacific Daydream in a new NPR interview.

“On one extreme you have a song like [‘Mexican Fender’] where it’s all about this two or three experiences with this one woman. Each verse is very literal. This is what happened. This is what what went down. And then on the other extreme there’s a song like ‘Feels Like Summer,’ where every line is taken from a different source and a different experience and I’m just kind of piecing it together to create a story about something that never actually happened.

“I think I’ve gotten more into the idea of cutting and pasting. I remember reading when I was first starting out in my early 20s that Kurt Cobain was a big cut and paste-er and I was like, ‘But then it’s not really about anything.’ Or, you know, it doesn’t doesn’t make sense. It totally worked, listening to him. But when I tried to do it it just seemed like I was pasting together random lines and it didn’t add up to anything. But I’ve definitely evolved in that direction.”