James Iha Reacts To Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Hints


The Smashing Pumpkins recently relaunched their official website with the band’s classic logo on display, which they also made their new Facebook cover and profile photo, and they deleted all of their Instagram photos. In the last few weeks the Pumpkins have only been posting photos related to the band’s original lineup. One of the photos was of a Gish cassette, while another photo posted was a 1996 Madison Square Garden show poster, and just today a photo of the band’s original lineup of Billy Corgan, James Iha, Jimmy Chamberlin, and D’arcy Wretzky appearing on a 1994 Rolling Stone cover was posted.

This is the first time a photo of the original lineup has been posted on official Smashing Pumpkins social media accounts in a long time, and adds further fuel to the fire of rumors of a 2018 Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour. Original guitarist James Iha liked the photo of the original lineup on Instagram, and he also liked the Gish cassette photo.

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Jonathan Monte, a former Smashing Pumpkins blog owner who has had regular communication with Billy Corgan for years, posted on Reddit last week: “Late last night the Smashing Pumpkins social media changed to the traditional SP black and white logo. They then posted the Infamous Madison Square Garden poster from 1996.

Now SmashingPumpkins.com is back up no longer forwarding to SmashingPumpkinsNexsus.com, but that site is still running.

Seems like something BIG is coming soon.”

He also wrote, “The reunion crowd is going be brutal. I miss tiny shows in tiny venues to test new music.”

“Wouldn’t be surprise to see [Jeff Schroeder] play with them at some point during a show… but then again WPC said that him and Jeff were going form a side band.” Note that Monte did not say any of his posts had anything to do with recent conversations with Corgan. Corgan is also expected to release a new solo album titled The Land of Maybe later this year.

The Pumpkins last toured in 2016, with Billy Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin reuniting for three performances in Los Angeles and Chicago. Following Iha’s reunion with the band, D’arcy Wretzky said she would be open to returning as well. Billy Corgan said in 2016 he had reconnected with Wretzky, and the band were discussing the idea of reuniting. Jimmy Chamberlin recently said that a 2018 tour was in the works in a WGN Radio interview, hinting at an original lineup reunion.

  • Chris Ross

    James Iha “liking” a social media post by clicking the “like button” or “double tapping” the post is NOT reacting. Click bait, click bait, and more click bait. I remember when this site used to give frequent updates of new albums progress from great bands, and other informative pieces of information. This site used to be my go to every morning before starting my work, but now, I have to remind myself to check it in hopes of finding some great new updates. As a HUGE Pumpkins fan, I cant believe I fell for this clickbait.

    • Eggplant Emoji

      Last time I checked in on this website was about two years ago. It was garbage then and it is garbage now.

      Sometimes you can tell the quality of someone’s character just by looking at their photo. This Brett guy seems like a complete and utter sleaze. Just a genuine douchebag scraping the bottom of the barrel for “hits.”

  • Phoenix Soaring

    Does anybody care that much? Corgan has pretty much ruined his credibility with anything the past 17 years with one mediocre overproduced synth snoozer after another and countless things abandoned.

    • TheReclusiveChanteuse

      Monuments to an Elegy is unlistenable, in my opinion. That’s coming from someone who loves everything he’s ever put out. It’s just painful to listen to.

  • TheReclusiveChanteuse

    So glad I went through such agony when they broke up and went through hell to get tickets to their last two shows at United Center and Metro only for them to constantly pop back up these last 17 years in some iteration or another. I’ve grown so tired of them.

    • Ryan

      I was there at both of those shows! Drove a long way to get the tickets.. then drove a long way to go to the shows.