James Iha Recording ‘Separately’ From Billy Corgan


Billy Corgan has revealed that he and Jimmy Chamberlin are recording the new Smashing Pumpkins album in Nashville, while James Iha and Jeff Schroeder are recording separately in Los Angeles.

NotColinArcher recapped a Billy Corgan Instagram video on Reddit, “New Album – drum tracking completed, recorded in Nashville – 16 consecutive days of recording – Jimmy played drums for 31 tracks – 33 songs still planned currently – principal recording starts this week – James and Jeff working remotely from West Coast (most likely L.A.)

CYR – Ramona released as radio single

Archives – 2 live releases prepared – delayed due to vinyl shortage – not available on streaming services – limited time to order – samples of all songs available to hear before ordering.”

TheMethod posted on Reddit about the Machina reissue, “He posted [the test presses] in an Instagram story a few days ago. I didn’t save it and I don’t know if anyone else did either – though I probably should have!

I agree it feels like that, but I’d say now that the band’s portion is finished, BC has moved on to the next project. If it’s now up to UME, he’s definitely got a “fuck it, next” attitude.

Agreed about the original artist. If we’re looking at all the reissue art, NONE of it compares to the original artwork – and that’s not nostalgia talking. Even the TAFH vinyl set was lackluster and could have been a lot more involved/intriguing/special.”