Jane’s Addiction New Album Release Leaks To Fans


The Jane’s Addiction new album is coming! JimmytheGent on Ain’t No Right forum recently shared a post taken from Steve Hoffman forum. The user said he attended Jane’s Addiction show in Hamburg and revealed some interesting information about the band’s new album, rumored to be called Imminent Redemption.

Jane’s Addiction new album

The fan noted that the Hamburg show went well. “Ted, Just Admit It..” was the opener of the concert and later at point they played ‘Kettle Whistle’ and ‘Up The Beach’. They closed the show with Chip Away. Band guitarist Dave Navarro, who recently paid tribute to Taylor Hawkins, was seemingly happy and healthy too following his return. What has come forward from the show is some intriguing information about the band’s upcoming album.

It has come to light that a new album is in the works. This will mark their first album of the classic lineup since 1990, and it’s also the band’s first album since 2011. It is speculated that possibly eight new songs are already in line for release in 2025. It is also noted that “Imminent Redemption” might be released as a single on July 12th. Meanwhile, the user has reported that the band has been working on a new longer (approximately 10 minutes) version of “Kettle Whistle.”

Speaking about the musical aspect, it is noted that Jane’s Addiction are building everything from scratch. It is also noted that Porno For Pyros is done. However, they will be releasing the EP during the summer.

Regarding Jane’s Addiction’s tour, the band is likely to be on the road and tour heavily this year as well as the next year. They are unlikely to return back to Europe until 2026.

Jane’s Addiction band members recently surprised their fans with the announcement of a classic lineup tour. What makes the announcement more special is the fact that they are doing this for the first time in 14 years. All the band members had played on stage for the last time in 2010.

Jane’s Addiction are currently touring with their classic lineup for the first time since 2010. The extended version of the shows would be played by band members vocalist Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro, drummer Stephen Perkins, and bassist Eric Avery. This is the first time all the members are performing live since Avery’s exit in 2010. The bassist left the band in 2010 only to rejoin in 2022. The fans never got to see all the band members in action due to that right after Eric made his return, Dave Navarro had to miss out on the 2022 tour because of his fight with the virus owing to the global pandemic.