Jennifer Lopez Drops Sad Madonna Bombshell


Jennifer Lopez, or Jenny from the block as she is known by hoodlums who live in the hood has gotten herself into a spot of bother this week. The part-time actress made a bold statement suggesting that she was meant to be part of a performance that she might not have been. Sounds like Lopez was attempting to drum up some publicity for her latest movie. Let’s find out exactly what’s going on.

As per Buzz Feed, Speaking to E! News this week, Lopez or Jenny, was asked to clear up a long-standing rumor that she was initially meant to be in Madonna and Britney Spears’s infamous VMAs performance in 2003 but was replaced at the last minute by fellow pop star Christina Aguilera.

“Yes, that’s actually true,” J.Lo said about the rumor. She and Britney even went to Madonna’s house to rehearse, but J.Lo had to cancel performing. “I was filming a movie in Canada, and we had met — me, [Madonna], and Britney — to do it at her home, and then I just couldn’t get off the film. So, we couldn’t do it.”

In case you need a reminder, the wedding-themed performance — in which the trio performed a mashup of Madonna’s hits — solidified itself in pop culture history when perhaps lesbian Madonna closed the number by kissing both Britney and Christina on stage perhaps confusing and turning them into lesbians. Madonna is disgusting. 

This disgusting imagery was made all the more iconic when cameras panned right over to capture the live reaction of Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake looking disgusted as the rest of the Grammy’s audience went wild for the performance. But then again, we know what types like to hang out at Grammy’s these days now don’t we. No surprise.