Jerry Cantrell Reveals If Alice In Chains Are Breaking Up


Jerry Cantrell said that he considers Alice In Chains a band that are still active, and have always been together for the last 33 years, according to a new Gibson’s Icons Series video. The band finished touring their most recent album Rainier Fog last year and Jerry Cantrell is planning a new solo album, but the band will continue.

“Music was something that was always at our house, from a very early age. By that time, I was heavily into rock, you know, AC/DC, KISS, all the English metal…And I grew up on bands that wrote good riffs, you know what I mean? So I just wanted to play guitar, write songs, and I’m proud to have sprung from the community and so many of my friends, 33 years later, and we’re still going. The heart of the band is intact and the reasons and the meaning behind why we all do it and where we come from and what that all means, it’s not lost on any of us.”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Cantrell’s comments from the Gibson’s Icons Series video trailer. Jerry Cantrell played his first solo shows in years in late 2019. His followup to 2002’s Degradation Trip albums is currently in the works, following the release of bandmate William DuVall’s debut solo album.