Jimmy Fallon Disappointed By Dave Grohl Text Messages


Pop sensation Shawn Mendes discussed Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl in a new interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl and Fallon’s comments.

“Dave Grohl came to watch me play in Quebec. I was actually more amped up, Dave Grohl is here, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I’m gonna do it, whatever that is. I’m onstage, I’m really feeling the show, I’m like this is my moment, jump!”

Fallon asked, “Jump where?”

Mendes said, “It’s a massive stage, and there’s another section of the stage that is a lot lower than I thought it was. Dave Grohl is right here on the side of the stage, he’s sitting cross legged watching with his daughter. I’m like, I hope he sees me jump. There’s this one part where everything goes silent, and I jump. I’m like this is the coolest, I’m in the air, and I’m like, this is really long, and I fell.”

Fallon added, “Next thing you know it’s Will Smith’s birthday, you’re Bungeee jumping.”

Mendes said, “I was fully on the ground, but I jumped up quick.”

They then played the onstage fall on video.

“I looked like I never jumped in my life,” Mendes said with regret.

“You know what he said to me right before I went on stage that I thought was so funny? He said, ‘Don’t break a leg.’ Which I thought was so great, and then I was like, I almost broke my leg. Now we just text about BBQ and stuff. We have a good friendship, like me and [Justin Timberlake], it’s similar.”

Fallon asked, “You have Dave Grohl’s phone number?”

Mendes responded, “Yeah, I do.”

Fallon looked disappointed and jealous that Mendes had Grohl’s number and was texting with him.

“Hmmm, I’ve got to talk to Justin about that.”

Watch the video below.