John Lennon Fat Drunken Mess Photos Finally Revealed


The Beatles icon Paul McCartney referred to himself as fat and John Lennon as very drunk when they met, and he revealed how Lennon hid being drunk and high. Below is a new photo post from Lennon’s Instagram page of a page of a book with the story. A photo John Lennon made for the gay community also recently surfaced. John Lennon had his own weight insecurities, as also seen in a photo below, along with a drinking photo.


Paul McCartney’s introduction to the Jonathan Cape edition of John Lennon’s book In His Own Write:⠀

Dear Mr Cape, there are only 234 words, but I don’t care⠀


At Woolton village fete I met him. I was a fat schoolboy and as he leaned an arm on my shoulder, I realised that he was drunk. We were twelve then, but, in spite of his sideboards, we went on to become teenage pals. ⠀

Aunt Mimi, who had looked after him since he was so high, used to tell me how he was cleverer than he pretended, and things like that. He had written a poem for the school magazine about a hermit who said: ⠀

“As breathing is my life, to stop I dare not dare.” ⠀

This made me wonder right away – ‘Is he deep?’ He wore glasses so it was possible, and even without them there was no holding him. ‘What bus?’ he would say to howls of appreciative laughter. ⠀

He went to Quarry Bank High School for Boys and later attended to the Liverpool Art College. He left school to join a group, called the Beatles, and, here he is with a book. Again I think — ‘Is he deep? Is he arty, with it or cultured?’ ⠀

There are bound to be thickheads who will wonder why some of it doesn’t make sense, and others who will search for hidden meanings. ⠀

“What’s a Brummer?” ⠀

“There’s more to the “dubb owld boot” than meets the eye.”⠀

None of it has to make sense and if it seems funny then that’s enough.⠀

PS : I like the drawings too.⠀

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