Johnny Depp Cancels Show With Alice Cooper


Fans are worried after popular actor Johnny Depp revealed that his super group The Hollywood Vampires cancelled a concert at the last minute. This has left a group of worried fans queuing outside of the venue totally devastated.

The official Hollywood Vampire’s Twitter account share a graphic and the caption read:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Vampires will be canceling tonight’s show in Budapest. All tickets (general and VIP, including meet & greet) will be refunded in full. We love and appreciate all of the fans who traveled from near and far to see us rise, and we’re truly sorry. Sincere apologies, The Hollywood Vampires.”

“Ohhh no I hope everybody is okay,” penned one concerned fan, while another said: “They wouldn’t cancel if it wasn’t something important. Hope everyone is in good health.”

A third person then penned: “Cancelling the show while we’re queuing is questionably weird. I hope everyone’s alright.” While a fourth offered: “Oh S**T. Hope everyone is okay!!??” And a fifth said: “I know you guys wouldn’t have cancelled unless you had a good reason to do so. I think I can speak for everyone in just asking if you are all ok?”

This comes days after Johnny was seen relying on a crutch as he stepped out of his hotel in Scotland on Friday. The Edward Scissorhands actor, 60, donned a typically quirky look with a grey shirt, a khaki jacket and denim.He sported a beige beret hat and hid behind a pair of aviator black shades as he made his way out of One Devonshire Gardens hotel.

The star also donned his trademark slew of jewelleries, including plenty of metallic necklaces, rings and bracelets. The Sleepy Hollow sensation appeared to be in need of some aid to walk as he relied on a crutch, after suffering from a painful ankle injury earlier in May.