Johnny Depp ‘Private Island’ Bombshell Revealed


Popular actor Johnny Depp recently promoted the new Sauvage ad from Dior.

During a recent interview shared with the South China Morning Post, the 60-year old movie star and musician talked about his interests these days.

The versatile actor shared that he loves the Bahamas, because he can feel ‘normal’ there. The Hollywood A-lister added that he loves being on his own island because it’s like a ‘sanctuary.’

It is where he feels ‘freedom’ because he can ‘escape scrutiny.’

The actor has been famous for over 40 years thanks to his many hit films and his high-profile love life. It seems that the Bahamas is where he feels ‘normal.’

”Where I feel the most myself in this world, and where I go to feel absolutely normal, I suppose, is my place in the Bahamas, because it’s an island and nobody’s looking at me,” said the star.

”You’ve got to have some sanctuary, a safe place where you can escape the scrutiny and the interest of others, a place where you can just sit on a beach, read, paint, meditate or whatever, that’s freedom to me. ‘That’s the only real freedom.”

”The idea of being under, just free in the ocean, with the wind pounding against you, the sun pounding down on you, and the shimmery ripples across the water, sparkles everywhere … It cleanses your mind,” added the father of two.

”The thing that intrigues me most is the most basic, the simplest way of living. I don’t have a decadent lifestyle.”

”Yes, everything boils down to real simplicity for me. When you’re on the island, you’re not at some swanky hotel. It doesn’t look like the Four Seasons or anything. It should look like what it is. It should look like a simple island house. Nothing grand, nothing. Just simplicity.”

Depp added that working in Hollywood reminds him of how competitive life can be.

”Everyone is going to be affected by the passing of time, but I understand that in terms of the idea behind it, which is to say that I’ve always felt better in myself by sticking to my guns about choices that I’ve made,” said Depp.