Johnny Depp Recording With Grunge Era Band?


Jane’s Addiction is an American rock band that was formed in Los Angeles in 1985. It was one of the first bands from the early ‘90s that was at the forefront of the alternative rock movement that got mainstream media attention and commercial success. It was founded by vocalist Perry Farrell along with bassist Eric Avery.

Jane’s Addiction first released their self-titled album in 1987 which got the attention of Warner Bros. Records. After that, the band’s two studio albums, 1988’s Nothing’s Shocking and 1990’s Ritual de lo Habitual got them a cult following. Farrell even named Jane’s Addiction icons of the “Alternative Nation.” They would then break in 1991, get back together in the 2000’s, and put out albums that weren’t exactly critical darlings, to say the least.

Farrell recently confirmed that co-founder Avery is back with the band and they are now recording together, in an interview with NME:

“Yes, and we recorded three songs with him. That Jane’s rhythm section is back.”

He also said that he now feels like making music and doesn’t want to waste time waiting around. He is the one who invited Avery to work together, with some help from Johnny Depp.

“I feel like making music, and I don’t want to wait around for anyone to tell me that I’m worth it so I’m just going to put it together. I invited Eric to participate in songwriting, I went up to Johnny Depp’s place and laid down seven or eight songs.”

“Some of them are Kind Heaven Orchestra [Farrell’s solo project], some of them are Porno for Pyros’, some of them are Jane’s Addiction. Everybody contributed.”

The songs that the band has currently written, Farrell says, are valuable to him and he is going to hang on to them. He is planning to gradually release them. One thing he confirmed is that the songs are ready to be put out the next week if he wanted to.

“Now I have these songs, I hang on to them, and to me they’re valuable. I don’t need anyone to tell me what they’re worth. I can put them out at a pace, and it could be six months or eight months or wait a year.”

“If I want to, I can drop one next week, but I wouldn’t. You want to have a grand carriage for your songs. But, I don’t have 50 other things that I have to drop. I can really dress the window myself because it’s my own store.”