Josh Homme Reveals What He Wants People To Do When He Dies


Q magazine have a new feature on Josh Homme and Queens of the Stone Age. See an excerpt below from the piece:

A couple of years ago, Josh Homme and his family went on holiday to the San Juan Islands, a saltwater archipelago in the Northwest of America that you can only get to by boat or sea plane. It was the Fourth of July and they took a hike round Roche Harbor’s pioneer cemetery, where the founding people of the islands had built a resting place for family members and workers.

The tour guide pointed at a memorial stone table that lay on top of the graves and said, “The kids from Roche Harbor come here to drink.” All of a sudden Homme’s imagination lit up. “Yeah, they come here to drink, screw, talk about the stars, the future, what they will do in the world,” he thought.

The connection between the dead and the living excited him, that line tracing the distant past to a not-yet-written future. When Homme dies, the Queens of the Stone Age frontman wants people to have the chance to party on top of him. He would look upon that as a great honor.