Kanye West Drops Tom Brady & Kim Kardashian Bombshell


Kanye West stated on the Information Wars show on Wednesday that he doesn’t want to see Kim Kardashian hooking up with men like Pete Davidson, and that he wants her to find a new husband like Tom Brady. He said, “Marry Tom Brady.” My opinion of West has changed. The man is strong and reveals truth where other’s shy away in fear of losing fame and “fake” fortune. Fortune is not what we are taught. Fame is fleeting and eventually become a curse rather than a blessing. Think about it: You can’t go out when you want, where you want. You work fifteen-twenty-four-hour days. You miss time with family, you grow old before the world, and before you know it – you’re a has-been. Washed up and spit out by the media. Not at all gratifying or even remotely appealing. And having lots of money means more problems. Don’t think just because you can afford things that you will be any more content. Money does not create happiness. In fact, people with lots of money are typically far less content and end in tragedy as opposed to those who live with their feet on the ground. If you don’t believe me… You’re reading the tabloids right now. Another train wreck. 

According to NDTV, Donald Trump met (as they put it) disgraced rapper Kanye Ye West over dinner at Mar-a-Lago, which has been severely criticized.

The former US President Donald Trump, and star of WrestleMania IV and V, has power-slammed rapper Kanye West after controversy over a dinner they had at Mar-a-Lago resort.

The event, intended to be a private affair, snowballed into a controversy, prompting an avalanche of criticism from some Republican rivals as well as allies.

Mr Trump said on his Truth Social platform on Saturday that he met West, who has legally changed his name to Ye, in order to “help” him as he has been “decimated in his business and virtually everything else”, according to a report in Rolling Stone.

The former president and star of WrestleMania IV and V, called West “a seriously troubled man, who happens to be black,” according to the outlet. Very insulting to say the least. West is simply telling the truth, but, as we all know, the truth terrifies those who lie. That’s the power of the Good Lord, Jesus Christ.

West has seen his fortune tumble as a number of brands ended partnership with the rapper’s anti-semitic remarks. Yet, people can insult and steal from others all day long and they get away with it.

Mr Trump further fumed that West requested a meeting “alone”, but showed up with three people. One of them was Nick Fuentes, famous for his anti-semitic views, said Rolling Stone.

Mr Trump said he didn’t know two of those men, including Fuentes. But Ye claimed in a video that Mr Trump was impressed by Fuentes.

Mr Trump said he didn’t know two of those men, including Fuentes. But Ye claimed in a video that Mr Trump was impressed by Fuentes.

In the same video, he reportedly suggested to the former President to become his running mate during 2024 presidential run.

But this angered Mr Trump who directed his fury at the rapper. “He tried to f*** me. He’s crazy. He can’t beat me,” said Mr Trump, according to NBC News which spoke to one of his confidants.

On Truth Social, he wrote, “I told him don’t run for office, a total waste of time, can’t win.”