Kanye West & Pearl Jam Announce Collaboration Album


Photo by Dustin Halter

In a surprise move, Seattle rockers Pearl Jam and influential rapper/producer Kanye West have announced their first ever collaboration, a spiritual sequel to 1995’s Mirror Ball entitled Pejeezus (Mirror Ballz). Mr. West, whose legendary run of albums have made him unparalleled in the modern pop music realm, will be sampling and rapping over songs throughout Pearl Jam’s catalog.

“Feeling major 90’s vibes. Pejeezus out 6.31. Peace and love,” Kanye tweeted.

“This is every bit of an addition to our discography as any other album we’ve created,” Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder stated. “Kanye is the voice of a generation and this is really a chance of a lifetime to work with such a genius.”

  1. Ultralightyears
  2. Don’t Call Me Daughter (Mother****er) (Feat. Kid Cudi)
  3. Once In The Southside (Feat. Jay Z)
  4. Oceans (Don’t Call Me Gay Fish) (Feat. Frank Ocean)
  5. Glorified OG (Feat. Grandmaster Flash)
  6. Whisper (I Used To Scream) (Feat. Chris Cornell & Timbaland)
  7. Wishlist (Askin’ For Other Bitchez)
  8. Mirror Ballz (Feat. Neil Young & Nicki Minaj)
  9. Go(ld Digger) (Feat. Jamie Fox)
  10. Bound 2 (Figure Out It’s April Fools)