Keith Richards Hugs Hot Daughters In New Photo


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has shared a new photo of himself embracing his stunning daughters Theodora Richards and Alexandra Richards at a We Are Project Zero event. Alexandra Richards is a model, while Theodora Richards hosts ‘Off The Cuff’ on SiriusXM.

Keith Richards wrote on Instagram, “Me and my gals for #weareprojectzero @weareprojectzero @officialalexandrarichards @theodorarichards.”

Alexandra Richards discussed her father Keith in an interview with Hello! Fashion Monthly.

“I grew up in a very public school [Western High School, Connecticut], and there was a lot of teasing going on. Kids would play Dad’s music in the playground.”

“That’s when I really got it that dad was on the radio. The kids would be like, ‘My parents listened to your dad last night when they were cooking in the kitchen.'”

Richards said that Ronnie Wood’s daughter Leah is a close friend, “She was the one I always looked up to … because she was a little bit older than us.”

Richards took third and seventh grade off school. “For me it was a lot of growing and when I went back to Western Connecticut and I told all my friends where I’d been — it was just so different from what they were experiencing at that age.”

“After that I was commuting from Connecticut to New York, modelling while trying to finish school and get my grades up.”