Kid Rock Ex-Wife Reveals G String In Video


Pamela Anderson revealed she has a thong G-string in her purse in a new Vogue video, as seen below, as she then wears the thong on her hair. Pamela Anderson has made it back into the public realm recently with a new revealing documentary funded by Netflix. The hope is that the documentary will spark perhaps renewed interest in subscription rates to the former king of online streaming Netflix. It might happen. What will happen on the other-hand, is that it will be revealed how many suitors Pamela Anderson mingled with throughout her life. No wonder Tommy Lee divorced her.

As per Hula, Pamela Anderson is sharing details about her love life and professional career, following the release of her highly anticipated Netflix documentary. The pop culture figure revealed that she is a romantic and has given love multiple chances in the past, however other relationships never actually evolved into anything more than a friendship. Probably a good thing for Pamela. 

The former actress also details other encounters with celebrities and A-List stars, explaining that she struggled with dating due to her public image. “The image was bigger than me and always won,” she said, “no matter how hard I tried.”

“I found out that John F. Kennedy Jr. wanted to meet me. He wanted me to pose for the first cover of George magazine,” the famous publication Kennedy Jr. ran from 1995 to 1999. “I wasn’t available, but he didn’t give up.”

Ultimately it was Cindy Crawford who was featured on the first cover of the magazine, but Kennedy Jr. kept insisting to have Pamela, and it finally happened in 1997. “A shot of me naked, hiding behind an American flag,” she described the cover, adding that Kennedy was not present for the photo shoot, but called while she was on set, and she can only wonder what if, as she loved his personality.