The Killers Member Reacts To Being Called ‘Whiny Little Brat’


With news of The Killers members Dave Keuning and Mark Stoermer quitting touring ahead of the band’s Wonderful Wonderful world tour, some fans have become angry on social media, especially with Keuning’s exit being announced after several tickets for shows went on sale.

A fan named Derek wrote to Stoermer on Facebook, “Dave and Mark sound like whiny little brats. It’s too ‘hard’ for them to be on the road. One decided he wants to go to college now. Didn’t they just have a five-year break? What else would he want to do with his life if not be a multi-millionaire, adored musician who gets to tour the world, and take years off at a time? Are these people for real? They’ve got dream jobs, and dream lives. There are literally potentially stadiums full of people who will pony up top dollar to see them. Talk about first world problems. Jeez.”

Stoermer responded, “Thanks for your support Derek. Being in a band that can tour around the world is a dream come true and is one of the best jobs anyone can hope to have. That said, life is short and complicated to say the least, and after 15 years of an amazing experience it is possible to have other goals or priorities in life that one may want to attend to. I am forever grateful for the band and the fans that have made it possible for me to make these choices at this point in my life. But at the end of the day, I am the only one who has to walk in my shoes.”