KISS Icon Reveals Heartbreaking Death Photo


KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ wife Shannon Tweed has announced the death of her mother, with Simmons retweeting the photo.

“It was my honor and privilege to be able to be with my Mom,and my sister @tweedheart , as she took her last breath on this beautiful spring day.We held her hand and comforted her as best we could until the end. Mom, you were loved.My brother was a lifesaver and stood guard every evening. Thank you @jeff_tweed for all you did.”

Gene Simmons tweeted, “I loved your Mom. So sad 😞😥”

Tweed had recently posted, “I’ve been Saskatoon visiting my mom in palliative care. She’s not doing well. #prayers for my mom. It’s too cold for #flora to go out but she enjoys the morning sun while I’m gone and is a comfort when I get back.”

“I left this note for my house manager, because I’m leaving for the day. No,#sitnsleep I do not have a bloody pick up truck! YOU’re the one that is supposed to have the truck. It’s funny how #UPS and #Fedx have no problem getting up my driveway and turning around and somehow today you can’t seem to get a mattress up my driveway. Interesting. If you can’t deliver them don’t sell them.”