Kurt Cobain & Dave Grohl’s Emotional Acoustic Collaboration Finally Surfaces


A rare Nirvana acoustic performance where it was just the duo of Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl performing together has surfaced after 26 years. The performance took place at Edinburgh Southern Bar in 1991, the show was to raise funds for Edinburgh’s Sick Kids Hospital.

The set featured “Dumb” and “Polly.” Listen to the performance below.


Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic recently released a new video of himself playing an acoustic guitar. Novoselic tweeted, “Just practicing finger style. Working on speed but some nice riffs are emerging. Could eventually be a song. Just picking away!!!!”

The video was released just a week ahead of the 24th anniversary of Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance.

Novoselic also recently wrote about A5 aircrafts, which former MLB pitcher Roy Halladay was flying when he crashed and died.

“Watched this video on the Icon A5 website, and as a pilot I am shocked. I can’t imagine ever flying like this. Really? Buzzing bridges at crazy low altitudes, blasting full power inches over a river in an urban area? No wonder people are smashing these aircraft up. It is heartbreaking that people are dying in these cool little aircraft while recklessly thrill seeking.

I call the way I fly ‘by-the-numbers’. This means I take off properly, get to the proper altitude and cruise to where I need to go. And also, ‘fly clean’, this means following all of the Federal Airman Regulations. Flying this way is just another aspect of safe flight. And let me tell you—it takes nothing away from the fun and beauty of piloting an aircraft.
ICON needs to promote safe airmanship — not the hot dogging on this video.”