Kurt Cobain Murder Conspiracy Could Be Headed To Supreme Court


After his disgusting efforts to get Kurt Cobain’s death photos released, conspiracy theorist Richard Lee is not yet ready to give up the fight over the false conspiracy theory that Cobain was murdered.

As The Blast first reported, Richard Lee was shot down in court again on Monday in his bid to unseal the crime scene photos taken on the day Cobain died in 1994. Lee originally sued the city of Seattle in 2014, lost that case, and now lost his appeal.

But Lee says he plans on continuing forward, telling The Blast, “Of course one feels horribly offended by a complete rejection of all legal arguments you have put forward, especially when this concerns so many separate contentions on the various types of disclosures requested.”

He continues, “So the carte blanche rejection of my entire case for a second time feels a little like a gut-punch, with the appellate judges being a gang that does the secondary roughing-up. On the other hand, this makes for a tidier package to take to the Washington Supreme Court, so that I am not fighting this thing on two fronts, Supreme Court plus whatever issues could have been remanded to Superior Court.”

Lee concludes, “The idea that in a case of violent homicide, with the cast of characters involved and the evidence I have presented, that the courts are seriously ruling for relinquishing this key evidence of murder to some ashy urn is barbaric. This is not a happy day for investigative journalism under the Washington courts.”

Courtney Love has previously accused Lee of trying to exploit Kurt Cobain’s death and claiming Lee has “stalked and harassed me, my family, and my friends for many, many years … On one particular occasion, Mr. Lee even filmed himself chasing a limousine for several miles that he thought I was a passenger in. Mr. Lee’s actions make me fear for my safety.”