Kurt Cobain Ran Into Grunge Legend At Heroin Dealer’s House: ‘He Got Upset’


A user posted on Reddit:

I’m almost done listening to the audiobook version (which Patty did a great job doing) and I just thought I’d recommend it. Even if you aren’t a HOLE fan at all. Frankly, I’m not a huge fan of Courtney, or all of her music, but I do have a lot of respect for that band.

One story about Kurt I found particularly honest is one in which Patty runs into him at their dope dealers house(Kaitlin’s). It seems everyone in their group of friends tried to keep their drug habits to themselves, so Kurt was surprised to find Patty there.

“What are you here for” he asks. “To get a little dope, no big deal” says Patty. She goes on to explain in the book that Kurt got upset and urged her to not start down that path. She ended up insisting that she had only tried it a few times, and could not even fix up by herself. Kurt seemed to trust her and relented. This shed some light on Kurt’s strong relationship with heroin to me, but also his sense of responsibility for those close to him.

Even though H became a norm in that scene, I think like most addicts Kurt must have wished he had never messed with it. And never experienced that moment where a drug just “clicks” with you and it becomes ingrained in your life. Once you are deep in it, the exit door seems very far away, or you don’t think you can find it (which Patty delves into when talking about Kurt’s first real intervention). At the end of the day he lost his way out, but he didn’t want anyone else to be in that place. This just resonated with me cause Kurt has often wrongly been portrayed as the self-centered, constantly in denial, irresponsible rock star.

Anyways that’s just one part I found interesting. I suggest you guys check it out, there are some great “behind the scenes” stories that you won’t find in any Nirvana book. Also Patty is a very inspiring & talented person who had quite the battle with addictions most of her life.