Layne Staley’s Mother Reveals Why Alice In Chains Is ‘More Relevant’ Due To Opioid Crisis


Layne Staley’s mother discussed Alice In Chains and the opioid crisis in a new Northwest Music Scene interview.

“I would say Alice in Chains is even more relevant now, given the opioid crisis across our country. The purpose of the music – Layne would say, ‘Mom, don’t they listen to the words?’ The purpose of his music was to warn people. ‘This is a trap, and it’s a trap that even I can’t get out of,’ he tried to warn people. With all of his money and all of his fortune and fame. He was in treatment ten times. He died at least five times, that we know of. He was dropped off at a hospital. He had infections. And he was still writing. He was still warning people. He was still performing.”

She also discussed when she knew Layne’s music had gone global.

“I just assumed it was sort of a lark. These things don’t last. I didn’t take it really seriously, and I apologized to Layne for that, because I know how hard he was working and traveling and trying to get rested, and the crazy lifestyle. He was naughty, like the other guys and gals. But I had raised a child to be good and kind, and I assumed that he could hold onto that, even in this crazy environment, and that it wouldn’t last. I’m sorry that I was so naive.

But, in a way, I’m really glad that when he came home, it was chocolate chip cookies and meat loaf, and family time, and teasing his sisters. I didn’t inquire as to, ‘What was it like?’ or ‘Who did you meet?’ It was just a world that was so foreign to me. Plus, he got enough of those questions. He said that some of their answers to journalists were just made up, in order to tease them, because they all ask the same questions and it got really boring.” In retrospect, I am unbelievably proud of Layne.”