Led Zeppelin Hotel Room With Woman ‘Chained’ To Bed Revealed


Mark Blake, author of a new book on Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant, Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, and Beyond–The Story of Rock’s Greatest Manager, was recently interviewed by Real Clear Life.

He claims the long speculated story about Led Zeppelin members and crew shoving pieces of a mud shark into a woman’s private parts is true.

“It did happen,” Blake told RCL. “Richard Cole told me it happened and he was the guy that held the shark. He was there along with a couple of members of Vanilla Fudge. The groupie’s name was Jackie. I think they were just fooling around … the fish wasn’t inside her for that long. It was dead. Robert Plant also told me saw it. I don’t think Peter Grant did but obviously, everyone heard about it.”

He also discussed seeing a woman tied to a bed as Led Zeppelin crew and members allegedly took turns being with her, but that she said she was fine and enjoyed it.

“One of the things I got hold of was Peter in a hotel room talking about his life for a proposed film,” Blake said. “It never got made but it was ongoing for years. He was talking about the groupies and he said that when the band booked hotel suites, they would book more than they needed as a way of avoiding people who were looking for them. They had dummy rooms. They weren’t all in the same suites or on the same floor. Peter said he was checking out one of the rooms once and he walked in and could hear a noise coming from the bedroom.”

Grant opened the door to check it out and, lo and behold, there was a naked woman chained to the bed by her ankles and her wrists.

Blake continued: “He said, ‘What are you doing here?” She said, ‘I don’t know, but guys keep coming in and f–king me.’ He said, ‘Ok, are you alright and she said ‘Oh yeah, I’m fine.’ He told her to have a nice day and walked out. That kind of sums up the attitude at that time and some of what was taking place on the road. Clearly, she was having [intercourse] with members of the band or the crew or whomever while chained up. And that was considered normal at that time in that world. It wouldn’t be now for all sorts of reasons.”