Led Zeppelin Icon Drops New Drummer Bombshell


Robert Plant has just opened up with some huge news that could lead to even bigger things happening with Led Zeppelin. With the passing of the legendary, John Bonham – it’s extremely hard to move on even so many years removed from his death. John was essential to the band’s unique sound for the time and stays timeless.

In a recent interview, Robert Plant spoke about John and just how much he meant to him and the band.

What was the feeling after Bonham passes? Was there any talk of continuing? Or was it clear that that was not going to happen?

Robert: “Well, you know, as a four-piece band, what are you going to do? I mean, I don’t know how anybody could ever – any group of people – could find, when 25% of the driving wheel, which is so characteristic and surges… I mean, it wasn’t just that he was a magnificent drummer – he was just more – he could telegraph the turns in the songs. He could make it all swing. And when he was tired of an idiom, within the song, he’d go into waltz time for a minute. And just look at me and laugh! [laughs]”

He was playing jazz!

Robert: “Yeah. And he got fed up for one time. I remember it was somewhere in New York, he just got up and walk through his drum kit: ‘That’s it. I don’t want to do that.’ And we switched quickly to ‘Going to California’ or some acoustic song, but somebody lured him back to the riser [laughs].

He also discussed Jason Bonham, who stood in for his father at a 2007 Zeppelin show: “But it’s funny because last night, I spent the evening with Jason Bonham. And it was fantastic. I mean, Jason’s come a long way. And he’s 55. And I think I’ve known him since he was one. Yeah, so Bonham was crucial. Couldn’t nobody could consider moving on.”