Led Zeppelin Icon Reveals What Nirvana Legend Did For Reunion


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page reflected on his 1998 reunion album with Robert Plant, Walking into Clarksdale, in a new Instagram post, and he revealed how legendary Nirvana producer Steve Albini helped shape the album’s sound.

“On this day in 1998, Page and Plant released Walking into Clarksdale. ⠀⠀

The Page/Plant project took a more stripped down approach to this album, with few overdubs. It was engineered by Steve Albini at the famous Studio Two at EMI, used by the Beatles.
The album eventually received a Grammy for ‘Most High’ but today was the release date in 1998 and we toured this extensively.
Shining in the Light
When the World Was Young
Upon a Golden Horse
Blue Train
Please Read the Letter
Most High
Heart in Your Hand
Walking into Clarksdale
Burning Up
When I Was a Child
House of Love
Sons of Freedom
What’s your favourite song from Walking Into Clarksdale and why?”

“My whole life is moving so fast at that point,” Page, now 74, said as he reflected on Led Zeppelin’s 50th anniversary in a recent interview with The Associated Press at the Fender guitar factory in California. “Absolutely just a roller-coaster ride.”

Page said he had Led Zeppelin’s sound, and first songs, fully formed in his mind before the Yardbirds were even done.

“I just knew what way to go,” Page said. “It was in my instinct.”

He found his first ally in singer Robert Plant, whom he invited to his house to thumb through records and talk music.