Led Zeppelin Member Reveals What Will Kill Greta Van Fleet: ‘Robert Plant Was Better’


Led Zeppelin reunion shows drummer (and John Bonham’s son) Jason Bonham – discussed Greta Van Fleet in a new Q103 interview:

“I got an alert, because it had all this Led Zeppelin thing about it. I’d have been annoyed if I’d been Robert [Plant]. I’d have been annoyed if they said that he sounded like Robert.

“Robert did not sound like that. Robert was amazing, and still is, but when he was in his young days, his voice was miles [better], just in a different league.

“Just because he sings high and he does his hand-on-the-hip thing, I just worry the hype that the band are getting, it will ruin them. I wish them all the very best.

“People should just love them for what they are, and not try and keep comparing them to Zeppelin, because it will kill them in the end. It will sometimes hurt them.

“Trust me – I know that, because for me, it takes a hell of a lot when you play drums and your dad’s John Bonham, the comparisons sometimes can be the hardest things to get past. I wish them all the very best, but I thought [they sounded] more [like] Black Crowes than Zeppelin myself.”

  • jed

    sound like Led Zeppelin and very much so that singer sounds like Robert Plant. Hey Hey What Can I Do? This kid sounds like every vocal conveyance put into that song…it’s incredible. That being said, I don’t want another Led Zeppelin band, and Greta’s yet to deliver anything but essences of that. Bonham, Jones and Page were in a different league before they ever started Led Zeppelin.. stopped listening to Led Zeppelin when STP, Alice in Chains and SOundgarden, Korn, Tool came around, music evolves and sometimes the past shows up, hope Greta’s got more up their sleeve, and I’ll give em a shot when they put that new album out.