Led Zeppelin Singer Reveals Truth About Phil Collins


Robert Plant recently spoke out commemorating UK pop sensation and former Genesis drummer, Phil Collins. It would appear that Collins assisted Robert Plant in “kissing” Led Zeppelin goodbye once and for all. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out the scoop.

As per Louder Sound, Robert Plant paid tribute to Phil Collins for helping him launch his post-Led Zeppelin solo career.

“After John [Bonham, Led Zeppelin drummer] passed away and there was no Led Zeppelin, there had to be a way to go,” Plant says in a new interview with Vulture. “I floundered around a lot because until I was 32, I was in some kind of wild and absurd adventure”, says Plant. 

Acknowledging that Zeppelin was “a lot to live up to” Plant pays tribute to friends who gave him “support and strength” as he recorded his first solo album, Pictures At Eleven, which emerged in the year of our Lord, 1982.

“Phil Collins especially was a driving force and had positive energy with the first record, Pictures at Eleven,” Plant told Vulture. “It wasn’t a difficult job to get together with other people, it was just whether or not we could cook it properly.

“With Phil, it wasn’t so much advice as encouragement and consideration,” Plant continues. “He was taking no prisoners. He would only allow himself a short amount of time to come to the studio in Wales and make it work. Nobody was hiding behind the performance.”

It’s always nice to hear one performer say something nice about another. Well done Robert and well done Phil.